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Some Best Exercises For Parkinson’s Disease

Exercise is essential for almost every health issue, and it is imperative if you want to spend a healthy life. Exercising is also beneficial for Parkinson’s disease. Exercise is crucial for body parts to keep yourself balanced, keep you flexible, and keep your muscles strong. Physical activities can also work for a better and healthy life.

In the case of Parkinson’s disease, exercises show a great result. According to research, exercise is essential for Parkinson’s disease. Research shows that early habit of exercise can lead you to keep your body balanced and control the disease.

Exercises That Works For Parkinson’s Disease

Exercises For Parkinson Disease

Many types of exercise can fight with Parkinson’s disease. But Parkinson’s disease patients should go for these exercises:

  • Stretching exercise
  • Aerobics
  • Resistance workout

Try to do more physical exercises like biking, dancing, running, walking, yoga, weight workout, jogging, cycling, swimming, sports activities like table tennis, badminton best for Parkinson’s disease.

These exercises are great for physical and mental health. It is important to choose activities according to your symptoms and conditions because there are too many exercises, but it depends on your condition. If you are weak, go for yoga, use less weight, go for jogging, walking, running. If you are strong, you can do weight exercises or use a resistance workout.

Exercise is overall for all conditions; it maintains your body posture, balances your system, keeps you away from depression, anxiety.  Overall, exercise works on your both accept physical and mental too.

It is vital to do exercise daily and enjoy exercise. An exercise is a tool for treating Parkinson’s disease.

Before we discuss further exercise, take some tips to keep it right:

Tips For Exercise

  • Choosing exercise is up to you; Parkinson’s patients need to select the right training or ask a doctor for your exercise routine.
  • Before exercise, do warm-up work out for 15 minutes and cool down for 15 min at the end.
  • Try to do exercise for 30 minutes.
  • Enjoy exercise sing-song along with exercise. It is better for your mental health.
  • Go for more physical exercise like swimming, dancing, or aerobics.
  • Make a proper environment; choose dark light, the proper place, and the matte floor. Keep yourself away from dangerous elements.
  • Don’t force any exercise if you can’t do it. Go for another one if you have a standing problem. Do bed exercises.
  • Don’t exercise too much it can cause joint pain.
  • Try to choose exercise according to your desire. Like if you like cycling, go for it.
If you are looking for a complete workout plan then I recommend you to read this Parkinson’s Disease Protocol review as I have discuss about exercises there as well.

So now we will discuss exercises which are for Parkinson’s disease in more detail.

Yoga For Parkinson’s Disease

According to researches, yoga is great for Parkinson’s disease. It keeps you flexible, improves breathing, and maintain your posture, and keeps you physically and mentally healthy.

It is a straightforward form of exercise that makes you flexible and keeps your body properly. It just depends on you how you attempt it and make it exciting and enjoyable for you.

If you have mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, or stress due to any reason, after doing yoga, you will feel better, lighter, and your mind gets to relax.

Sitting Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises

If you have a standing problem, walking or running. Try to do sitting flexibility exercise to improve your flexibility so you can have less stress on your legs and joints.

Example of stretching exercise by Parkinson’s foundation, so let’s do it.

  • Sit on the chair and keep your one leg raise.
  • Keep your back and leg straight toward you.
  • Now slowly, touch your toes with your arms.
  • Go as far as possible.
  • Now repeat it with another leg.

So this exercise allows you to stretch better.

Another example you can do crushes, leg raises, or bicycles in bed. These exercises help you to keep yourself fit and smart.

Is Boxing Is Beneficial For Parkinson’s Disease?

Yes, it is a beneficial,  fun, and very interesting workout for Parkinson’s disease. According to PF.  In the case of Parkinson’s disease, boxing is with no one means; it just acts like a boxer, no hitting. You can also use a boxing bag and hit.`

Boxing is an exercise that keeps your body balanced, helps you to stretch better, and you can call it as an aerobic workout. And another positive point about boxing it is a gratifying workout, so it is very beneficial for the mind. So overall, boxing is suitable for both body and mind too.

Strengthening Workout For Parkinson’s Disease

old age weightlifting exercises

This type of exercise includes weight lifting, machines, and makes your body muscles strong with the help of resistance. You can do it with weights or water bottles.

These types of exercises focus on abs, thigh, hips, arms, back muscles.

You can do it 2 or 3 times per week and try to target different muscles each day and keep the rest day as your body needs rest after too much workout.

It can be a challenge for Parkinson’s disease who are at a difficult stage and can have an injury, so try to avoid if you have no such stamina for weight lifting. Go for other physical activities like sports, dance, jumping, etc.

Aerobic Exercise For Parkinson’s Disease

Aerobic exercise aids you in burning more calories and maintains your weight. It keeps your heart well. It is a form of cardio like that includes dancing movements. Overall it is full-on fun and enjoyable for every age and keeps your physical and mental health proper. It also includes walking, running, skipping, swimming, etc.

On Which State You Can Start Exercising

After knowing about Parkinson’s disease, as soon as possible, go for exercise and start with just foundation. Keep it slow so that you avoid pain and problems. At any stage, you can start the exercise. People who are in the middle or low stage and you can do exercise, do it and keep yourself healthy.

If you feel pain, stop and ask the doctor to suggest you exercise. It makes your health better, keeps you physically and mentally healthy, you can sleep better, and exercise helps your organ to work properly.

Try to do different exercises and try to do various activities. So you can’t get bored, and it will give you positive vibes.


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