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The Beneficial Books On Parkinson’s Disease To Keep Yourself Healthy

What is Parkinson’s disease?

Parkinson Disease

Parkinson is a disorder in the nervous system or disturbance in your body movements. The ubiquitous symptom of this decrease is tremors, or the common cause of Parkinson’s disease is stiffness or improper movement.

In the initial stage of Parkinson’s disease, you will notice no such symptoms but slowly notice symptoms as the stage increases. You will experience an improper movement of your hand or toes; your speech may affect, and as the stage increase, the symptoms increase from time to time.

Till now, there is no such cure for Parkinson’s disease, but some medications or exercises can delay the progression and improve your health.

Parkinson’s disease affects lots of people around the work. The education for making your Parkinson’s is vital, and another important thing is a community that supports you in your situation. The support is constructive for those who are facing this disease.

As you know, a book is like a best friend and full of knowledge.

So here I present you with a great list of books on Parkinson’s disease. These books give you knowledge about Parkinson’s disease; guide you about preventions, symptoms, causes, home remedies, diet, exercises, and much more.

Books on Parkinson

Parkinson’s Disease Protocol

Parkinson Disease Protocol Pros and Cons

This is the most popular book on Parkinson’s Disease because it contains a treatment method that targets the root cause of Parkinson’s Disease. This book is written by Jodi Knapp, who has practical experience in helping people with Parkinson’s Disease.

You will find everything you need to increase your knowledge about this disease. Additionally, you will also find how inflammation creates problems in the body and increases the risk of many infections and diseases.

If you want to learn more about this book, then I recommend you read this in-depth review of Parkinson’s Disease Solution.

A Parkinson’s Primer

It is a guidebook for Parkinson’s consumers and their family, too, by John Vine, who suffered from Parkinson’s disease. So in this book, he shares his experience with people like him who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease and guides their families too.

So this book is all about the information regarding Parkinson’s disease. He shares about what symptoms he experiences, and all people have different symptoms and conditions. He tells people about his entire journey with Parkinson.

Goodbye Parkinson’s Hello Life

It is another useful resource for people you want to know about Parkinson’s disease. This book is by Alex Kersten, in which he guides people about some new methods to cure Parkinson’s. This book is basically based on treatment with mobile therapies to help Parkinson consumers and their families.

This book also consists of some arts or dance, which makes it more interesting.

Parkinson’s Treatment

A well-known Parkinson disease specialist writes this book. In this book, he explains the mental and physical condition of Parkinson’s consumers. He talks about the method doesn’t include any science, difficult to understand treatment. He also explains different treatment available for Parkinson decease and motivation peoples to spend their life happily with Parkinson decease.

Both Sides Now

This is another beneficial book to treat Parkinson patients. This book is written by well-known neurologist Alice Lazzarini who does many kinds of research in neurodegenerative illnesses when she had Parkinson’s disease. The book is based on investigations she makes on Parkinson’s disease and shares her knowledge with Parkinson’s disease consumers and their families.

This book is from a lady who researches Parkinson’s disease and guides people about her studies and results.


A brainstorm is a book based on the story of a Parkinson patient who is a journalist and suffered from Parkinson’s disease. Jon Palfreman researches Parkinson’s disease and shares it in his book in a fascinating and journalistic way. He gives information about Parkinson’s history of Parkinson and Parkinson’s future of Parkinson, according to research, also suggests some treatments.

This book includes stories of many people who are suffering from this disease.

Parkinson Disease Treatment

Parkinson disease 300 tips

Shelley Peterman Schwarz writes this book. This book explains that PD wants outstanding care and support of their family because it affects patients physically and mentally. He suggests tips about 300 topics that make Parkinson’s patient life better.

  • The topics are as follow:
  • Home environment
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Sense of dressing
  • Use of technology for communication
  • Drinking tips
  • Home remedies
  • Driving a car
  • Going out
  • Listen to music
  • Travel
  • Medication
  • Creative activity
  • Details of the organizations that deal with Parkinson disease
  • Treatments
  • Positive mind
  • So this book consists of 300 tips to handle Parkinson’s disease.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Future

This is a book by famous actor Michael J. Fox living with this disease and shares his experience with people.

In this book, he shares his experience of Parkinson’s disease from childhood to adulthood and is now an advisor and consultant for people who have Parkinson’s disease. Many celebrities who had Parkinson’s Disease like this book and recommended it.

A Soft Voice In A Noisy World

This book is written by Karl Robb, who suffered from this disease, to guide people about his experience and guide people about some tips to heal or deal with Parkinson’s diseases and mainly focus on dealing with this disease with mind and body.

The New Parkinson Disease Treatment Book

The author of this book is Dr. J. Eric Ahlskog, who suggests a system that can treat Parkinson’s disease. In this book, he guides about treatment that helps Parkinson patients and their families. This is a proper guide that gives results and aid in treating Parkinson’s patients.

So this is another beneficial book for people who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Delay The Disease

The famous trainer David Zid with Dr. Thomas H. Mallory and Jackie Russell design this book to help people keep their body fit and healthy in Parkinson’s disease. This allows Parkinson’s patients to follow an exercise with full guidelines. This book consists of pictures and details of the exercises suggested by researchers.

Exercise For Parkinson Disease


So the above books are hidden stories of people who have Parkinson’s decrease and share their experiences with people. In these books, you will find symptoms, causes, treatments, tips, remedies, exercise, and a diet that help Parkinson’s patients make their life better.

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